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West Ham issue five-point plan to tackle crowd trouble

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Crowd trouble at the London Stadium

West Ham have revealed a five-point security plan at the London Stadium after violence marred Wednesday’s EFL Cup win over Chelsea.

Plans include widening the segregation line and issuing stewards with handheld video cameras.

Bottles, seats and coins were thrown as hundreds of fans clashed in the EFL Cup tie. Seven people were arrested, three of whom have been charged.

It was the latest outbreak of disorder at West Ham’s new ground this season.

Hammers vice-chairwoman Karren Brady acknowledged in a letter outlining the security plan that it is the club’s responsibility to put measures in place to prevent further violence.

The plan involves furthering segregation with new physical barriers and a 10-metre ‘sterile’ area, as well as new measures to keep rival fans apart after the game.

There will also be ‘no tolerance’ banning orders issued to those found guilty of offences ranging from abusive and offensive language to missile throwing.

West Ham have also confirmed the club’s intention to ban all fans involved in the violence. The club is finalising the identification of 200 individuals.

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic said on Friday that he was “hurt” by the incidents, adding: “The club didn’t deserve it, the players don’t deserve it definitely, the fans didn’t deserve it.”

Damian Collins MP, the chairman of the select committee for culture, media and sport, told the Telegraph that West Ham “should face playing behind closed doors if they can’t police the ground properly”.

West Ham’s security plan includes:
Creating more distance between opposing fans to prevent missile throwing. This will be achieved by widening the segregation line on both sides of the lower tier.
Removing risk groups from the stadium permanently with our ‘zero tolerance’ banning policy
Strengthening and widening the lines of segregation on the lower concourse walkway by creating higher barriers and a 10-metre wide sterile area.
Ensuring home/away fan egress is physically segregated upon exiting the stadium to prevent clashes on the podium. This consists of a physical barrier either side of the away supporter turnstiles, and prevents supporter integration after the game.
Inside the stadium we will also be employing the enhanced tactic of issuing a group of stewards with handheld video cameras. Stewards currently have cameras attached to their armour but we believe this investment will act as a clear and visible deterrent.

Source: BBC Football Read Original Article: West Ham issue five-point plan to tackle crowd trouble

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