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Oct 7: All Your Betting Challenges

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MY first challenge bet needs Argentina not to lose overnight to come in.

I’m hoping they win and I’ll probably set my alarm for 5am just to check.

If Argentina do the business I’ll put up Bet No.2 sometime in the afternoon.

Good to see HullShaker on board with the challenges and hopefully we’ll see some new names. If anyone has an idea for a competition I’ll give away a prize when we get back to a normal card.

Finally, no Harry bashing will be tolerated. He’s gone and isn’t around to defend himself so some of the comments I had to delete were unfair – whether you loved him or hated him.

Bet No.1

Albania (7.45pm)

Argentina not to lose (3.15am)

(1-2, Coral, Ladbrokes)

£20 stake


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