The Football Association’s independent board member Heather Rabbatts is to be investigated for an alleged breach of its code of conduct.

Rabbatts was critical of the FA’s handling of former

Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro,

who left the club after criticism from manager Jose Mourinho.

Two members of the FA’s council have called for an investigation into Rabbatts’ comments.

If any wrongdoing is found, Rabbatts could be removed from the FA board.

Lord Herman Ouseley, the chairman of Kick It Out who himself resigned from the FA Council three years ago, has called the decision “bizarre” and feels Rabbatts should be backed.

“It shows what an antiquated body the FA Council is,” said Ouseley. “As the only female independent board member, she is in an exposed position but she is there to provide a different voice and serve as a figurehead for people in the game who feel the whole system is against them.

“This is a moment when the chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke, should stand up and show support for Heather Rabbatts.”

Under FA rules, only two members of the 121-person council are required for a formal investigation to be launched.

Ron Barston, the 82-year-old life vice-president, and 70-year-old law lecturer Richard Tur are

reported to have made the complaint. 

At the time of Carneiro’s departure, Rabbatts was vocal in her support of the doctor, whom she said acted “properly”.

“Her departure raises a serious question on how players are safeguarded if their medical support is compromised,” she said at the time.

“The footage of the abuse she has endured in silence from the stands during her career is something we should all be ashamed of.”